Monday, May 10, 2010

The Family That Runs Together...

... has fun together! Dorky, I know, but so true. I had such a great time with my family on Saturday, I wish we could do it more often. In fact, we will probably have to find a few more runs to do together before it gets cold... thank goodness it's just beginning.

Anyways, Saturday was a big day for all 4 of us. I was going to run my longest race to date. Brian was going to do his first "run", and both of the boys were doing their first tot trot.

The fun thing is, each of us had our own special time to run, so we were able to take the time to cheer each other on!

Here's how it went down:

I started the 10K Race at 8:00. I have to say that for the first time before a race, I got great sleep and was totally ready to go. The cannon shot, and I had my great friend and coach Sherri to run with. Now, I need to say I am scared to run with others. I always have this concern that I am keeping others from reaching their full potential, so when she offered to run with me, I was determined not to hold her up... so I ran. She's fast!

I held my own until we hit the 5K point, and I was ready to keel over. At that point I decided the point of the race was not to finish with Sherri, but to finish strong. So I let her go, and tapered off a little. Slightly discouraged, I trudged on to the 4 mile mark, where a gentleman was calling out times, "38:40" what? Did he just say I'd finished 4 miles in under 40 minutes? Not possible. That's not my pace...

So feeling better, I continued on to the 5 mile mark where I pulled out my cell phone to check the time, 8:48! Holy crap, I had 12 minutes to finish in under an hour... now please understand, I expected this race to take me an hour and ten minutes, so to take ten minutes off of my time was amazing to me. I proceeded to call (and freak out) my family (they thought I was injured) to tell them I would be coming in earlier than expected so they could watch for me. And at exactly 9:00:26, I finished my first 10K race! What a great experience.

We had about 40 minutes to kill before Brian's run, so we took some time to rejoice, take potty breaks, and change into another set of running clothes- I sweat people!

At 9:40 Brian took off for his 2 mile run. I wish I could tell you all of his thoughts, but this is what I know. He ran strong, and I am so proud of him... and leave it to a guy for all the details, he has no idea what his finish time was. We think it was about 22 minutes. It doesn't matter, he has many more to come where he can time himself :)

While Brian was running in the 2 mile run, Cole, Carter, and I did the 2 mile walk, AKA: The-2-mile-jog/chase-Cole-while-dragging-Carter-behind-in-the-wagon.

Immediately, and I mean immediately after finishing the 2-mile, both boys ran their first Tot Trot. After a little coaching (run like hell) from mommy and daddy, they took off in their separate heats, and did great.

Congrats Family, I am so proud of you!


  1. What an awesome post!!! You must be so proud of yourself and your family, I know I am! Congratulations on your longest race and best time ever, what an accomplishment, and congrats to your husband and kiddos too. It's really neat to hear about your journey, and all the great things you continue to do, thanks for the updates!

  2. Way to Go!!!! You guys did great. Kudos to Brian! And way to start out the kids with fun excercising. I started tearing up when I read the part about you pulling out the cell phone to call family! So proud of you - you keep up the great work - you are doing even better than you realize! Love ya!