Sunday, February 28, 2010

Something to think About...

" You'll feel happier... Oxford University researchers found that rowers get a bigger surge of mood-boosting endorphins during a synchronized workout than they do while rowing solo. Doing the same movements together is a bonding experience, which helps trigger the feel-good vibes, the study authors suspect. The best part? You can get a similar rush from any group exercise class, so scope one out."

This week I challenge you to try a group workout! It's a time when busy men and women can workout and have a social time with friends, new or old!

I LOVE Turbokicking three times a week with my girlies! What group workout do you do, or are you going to try one this week... let us know, maybe I'll join you.

Friday, February 26, 2010


Thanks so much for those who are taking the time to comment. This is as close to a message board as I can produce for now. So, if you post a comment and leave a question, check back in the comments section because I am answering them that way for now.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Let's River Run!

So as one of our first fun fitness events together, let's run the 2-mile fun run together. Don't worry if you've never run, we'll get you ready to go!

The Wichita River Festival has a river run each year. This year it will be on May 8th, 2010.

Here is a photo of my crossing the finish line last year (it was my first time to run a race without walking!) Well, actually, it was taken after the finish because my husband couldn't find me to take one of me running... this year I'm wearing neon green and taking a blow horn. Sorry girls!

I am not a trainer, but I have gone from no running to running a 8K race. I think your best start is to check out the couch to 5K program here...

Are you interested? Let me know! I will discuss it more as it gets closer.

Who Are You?

So I know that I'm the one holding the reigns on this blog, but I really do want to create a sense of community here, so I would really like to know who you are. Since this blog is about leading a healthy lifestyle, I would really know where you are on that journey, just starting, wishing you could... what is your driving force, why do you want to change? Have you had success, goals met? What are some of your weakness', how can we help you?

I know, that seems like a lot of work, but I want this to be productive. I want you to be excited to read this. I want this blog to help you move forward. I want to know you!

So here is more about me... I would say my journey has started in phases. First of all it started on December 31st, 2002. Brian and I were 20 minutes from Manhattan, KS, when I received a phone call from my dad telling me that my mother had suddenly and unexpectedly passed away. She died of cardiomyopathy. Essentially, her heart burst. There was no way she could be saved. No amount of medical attention would bring her back. My mother weighed around 300 pounds. She was absolutely the greatest mom ever. I remember her struggling with her weight, wanting to be different, her aches, her desire to be healthier.

Flash forward to 2006, I delivered my first baby Cole, and in 2007, my second baby Carter. With both babies I had the joy of suffering from PIH (pregnancy induced high blood pressure). I have no doubt that my weight was a factor. Suddenly I was a mom of two! I wanted, needed to be like my mom, minus one thing... the extra weight.

Unfortunately, nothing really clicked for me... until I got on the scales in August of 2008 and weighed 262 pounds. I vowed I would never weigh more than 250 (like that was a good goal or something). So we joined our local YMCA, and the ball starting rolling, downhill, fast, and a learned a little, and it rolled faster, and I tweaked a little, and... you get the point. I won't lie and say it has all been sunshine and roses. Once I hit 199 pounds, I plateaued, FOR 9 MONTHS! I continued to do the best I could trying, but not hard. Eating well, but not great, and then came the holidays.

I did well until the week between Christmas and new years, and my weight slowly crept back to 204 pounds. I realized I was not done with this journey, and my weight was not going to kill me quickly or slowly. Since new years, I'm back on track, logging my food, putting in my time at the YMCA, and today I am down to 182 pounds (22 pounds since January 4th!) So there you have my story. I still love to eat... a lot. I also love to see myself change, explore new things, and to challenge myself. Now I want to get to know you!

So one last time I will post these pics. This is me in August 2008, 262 lbs.

This was taken at around 199 lbs.
Like I said, I am now at 182 (sorry haven't had time for new photos!)

I think that bump over my pants (my tummy) is almost gone!

I have no words for this.

With all of that being said, check the blog tomorrow morning for a new fitness event! Think spring!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Moving In!

Welcome to our new blog! I say "our new blog" very intently because that's what I want this to be. I want this to be a community. A place to motivate, to feel frustrated together... whatever feelings you may have, I hope we can share.

I have high hopes for this outlet. This blog will be a place where you can come for new recipes, new workouts, motivation, inspiration. I hope to post many things that will help you in a lifestyle change.

I think I should share a little about the philosophy that I will be following on this blog. In the last 18 months I have lost 77 pounds. There has never been a day in those that I have been on a diet, or had at least a small struggle. Changing your whole thinking about food, exercise, and who you are is a HUGE thing. I hope to help some of you start your journey, and join along side some of you. You see, I think the journey is never over. You may hit your goal weight, or reach a fitness goal, but holidays come, new challenges are fabricated... it's daily.

So I encourage you to become a Lifestyle Peer on this blog (AKA: follower). I would love to know who we are traveling with. I am going to find ways for us to get to know each other better. To endure together and to achieve together. I am so excited to move in here today!