Sunday, February 28, 2010

Something to think About...

" You'll feel happier... Oxford University researchers found that rowers get a bigger surge of mood-boosting endorphins during a synchronized workout than they do while rowing solo. Doing the same movements together is a bonding experience, which helps trigger the feel-good vibes, the study authors suspect. The best part? You can get a similar rush from any group exercise class, so scope one out."

This week I challenge you to try a group workout! It's a time when busy men and women can workout and have a social time with friends, new or old!

I LOVE Turbokicking three times a week with my girlies! What group workout do you do, or are you going to try one this week... let us know, maybe I'll join you.


  1. I just joined a dance class at the Y. I love love dancing and haven't had a chance to since college. I have to admit, though, I'm a little nervous about taking a class with a bunch of ladies I don't know - especially since I have two left feet :S

  2. Turbokick is a great class. I love it so much I got certified to teach so I can do the rounds at home!

    Lately, I've been taking Zumba classes at a dance studio here in town, and it is so much fun!