Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Mind Over Matter

It did it! My body remembered that it IS capable of running long distances!

I went to the Y last night. Honestly, I was exhausted from the day. I even told Brian, "My body is going to have to pull this out of nowhere." I just felt like I had nothing in me... except the twinge of excitement to try and pull off my measly little 3 mile run that was scheduled for the day.

I took off on the track. 33 laps... I didn't get any foot cramps. I reminded myself to take off slow. The music was good, and then I got into the run. Lap 33 complete! Why not try for another mile? Lap 44 complete. Another? Lap 55 complete! I finished 5 miles which was what I needed to do to be caught up with my training plan. I WAS ON A HIGH!

At times like that I have to remember that your body can only be as strong as your mind wants it to be. Running will always hurt somewhere. A muscle twinge, a cramp. Shortness of breath. Heat. Whatever you want CAN stop you if you let it... or you can press on and amaze yourself. It feels really good to amaze yourself. Try it.

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