Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Changing My Ways

So here I sit. Stuck at this weight again. Last year it was 200. This year it's 180. So stinking frustrating. I won't lie. I know why I am stuck here. It has something to do with holiday cookies, and drive thru dinners, and turkey, pear pie, cream cheese corn... you know.

Yet I get frustrated, every year when I get stuck. So I figure I have 2 choices
1. Wallow, and gain weight OR
2. Change my ways!

I am opting for #2 this year.

Here are my weaknesses, and here is the plan for each:

Weakness: I LOVE holiday treats!
Plan: First of all, I must always remember that I have done this without dieting, just by making good choices, so I will not be cutting treats out. However, at our home, we will be limiting our baking to one treat per week through the holidays, and it will only be enough to serve our family one time... for example, only 1 batch of cookies, not 5 dozen. I will also eat only half servings of any desserts that I am offered at parties, and if it's something that I can eat anytime like M&M's or chocolate chip cookies, I will pass it up all together. Hopefully by limiting treats I will drop some pounds (or not gain them anyways!)

Weakness: We are always rushed for dinner.
Plan: I am sure we all get in the habit of eating out from time to time, but our wallets and waistlines suffer greatly for this. So we will only be eating out for lunch Saturday, dinner Saturday (if necessary), and lunch Sunday. We love to eat out, and last week did it EVERY DAY (I am ashamed to admit), so 2 lunches and a dinner is a drastic improvement. Brian and I also always talk about sharing a meal, then never do it, so I will work harder to split meals with him. I am also going to make a menu for the week, so there is a plan in place.

Weakness: During this busy season, I WANT to skip workouts.
Plan: I capitalized WANT in the sentence because it is rare to actually skip them. We are pretty consistent about doing what we need to. This is why I generally maintain my weight instead of gaining. I know I have to work hard to eat like I do sometimes. What I would like to change is adding 3 more workouts per week in. I would like to start going to the Y on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings to offset things a bit. This would be on top of the other workouts we do each week.

There you have it, this is my holiday plan to lose weight. Wouldn't it be fabulous to start 2011 10 lbs lighter instead of heavier! Do you have weaknesses during the holidays, do you have a plan, I would love to hear your thoughts!!!

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  1. I throw food away. I feel bad about it, but when I got sent home with an entire pie, a dozen cookies, and cupcakes over Thanksgiving??? That shit went in the trash, and then I immediately took the trash to the dumpster. I like the idea of only cooking enough of a treat to serve the family once. I feel bad for my kids that their mother CANNOT have sweets in the house, but really, come on, it is good for them too.

    Obviously I buy fat free hot chocolate and any other treats as low fat or fat free as possible. I am trying to do six days of cardio and four days of weights. The more muscle you build, the more you burn, the more you can eat. I can get away with a lot of calories right now. It took me a long time to get here, but the master plan is finally realized!

    I am also doing battle of the bulge. I'll do just about anything for a cheap t-shirt. Good luck, and keep us posted!