Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Week 2 On The Ranch is Always Rough!

Week 2 sucks. Historically on the Biggest Loser, week 2 contestants lose NO WEIGHT. Some even gain it.

LIVING IT, right here! Last week I lost almost 4 pounds. This week nada. In fact, if the bod doesn't cooperate soon, I'm going to finish with a small gain. Worried, no. Pissed, a little. Surprised, not in the least.

I need to explain... this is how my weekend went:

Was it fabulous? Absolutely. Was there food, cake, and alcohol involved. Sure... there was also lots of dancing to burn some calories!

I don't do it every weekend, and I don't feel the least bit guilty for the celebrating I partook in this year. This was a once in a lifetime celebration (literally).

So if you haven't joined the giveaway, it's not too late. If you didn't gain weight this week, you probably beat me!

** Um, just so you know, I haven't thrown the towel in though. I have 2 major workouts left this week, and I will give it all I have. If I turn the bracelet over to hubby on Friday morning, it's not because I didn't try.**


  1. Yeah, I've eaten a whole cheescake in 3 days. I worked out extra hard today just to try to combat eating my weight in birthday celebrations!

  2. Yeah but it was totally worth it, right? How often do I actually take the initiative to go to the dance floor? It was a blast!