Thursday, October 7, 2010

How Sweet!

So my family surprised me this week to tell me how proud they are of what I have done. I needed to brag on them for a second, and share my new goodies...

Monday night Brian, Cole, Carter, Erin, Chris, Felix, and Kaiser gave me this:
I have been drooling over the new nano for weeks. Come to find out, the colored ones won't be in stores for a couple more weeks, so they had to order this one, and pay express shipping. I love what the inscribed on it. I don't have to wear a band to hold it on, and it holds twice as much music as my old one. Sweet!

Then, this morning, JR Koontz showed up on my doorstep with these: (yes, 2 arrangements!) Flowers do make you feel loved. Two bouquets, well, I don't deserve them.

I know my family loves me, and stands behind me in all I do. This was just a bonus from a really thoughtful bunch.


  1. Wishing you luck on your run this weekend! What an accomplishment!