Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I'm Glad You're Back!

I am so glad that one of my f.a.v.o.r.i.♥ Biggest Loser.t.e shows is back for a 10th season!!!!! I know it's been on for a couple of weeks now, but I just haven't had time to post about it.

This shows hits close to home obviously. Each season, there is a female on the show that weighs almost exactly what I did when I started this. It is such a constant reminder and eye opener for me as to why I did this. The young contestant that lost his 51 year old mother to obesity complications, the SAHM who has 5 kids and can't find time for herself... me.

I very literally have Bob and Jillian's chomping and yelling in my head sometimes at the gym. Sometimes it is the things they have said to other contestants that motivate me to move ahead. They may be hard asses, but what they make those contestants and others like me realize is that our bodies are usually stronger than our minds allow them to be. Exercise hurts. It probably always will. Maybe not always so bad, but if it were comfortable to exercise, we'd all be a size 2, right?

Each season the contestants come on the show and commit to change, and many of them do. Each season, I renew my commitment to the change I have made.

My only desire for the Biggest Loser would be for them to offer more education to the public. I mean they constantly talk about "what (they) learned on the ranch"... is it a secret? Why not tell everyone some of the things that are being learned on the ranch...

What does an average day of workouts look like?
How many calories should people consume?
Are there good resources out there?
What is the best piece of equipment to own?
Healthy recipes?

I don't mean to gripe, and I know that with some appropriate research, all of the questions can be answered on our own, but come on, we're talking about millions of viewers who are open books, ready to be written in, and the best you can come up with is a smoothie commercial, really?

All in all, I love BL. The contestants, the trainers, the change that is made, and I am GLAD it is back, and am looking forward to another big season. Do you watch BL? Do you have a favorite yet? Weigh in (no pun intended!)!


  1. I do enjoy wathing BL, but always forget what time it's on, so can't say that I "follow" it regularly. I also can usually only catch the 2nd half of it, from 8pm-9pm.

    That is a good point that you make about them not sharing many of their "secrets" about what they learn on the ranch. I do think that they could include many more tips and learning opportunitites for the viewing audience!

  2. I'm watching BL this season, although I don't think I have a favorite yet, it's still a bit to early.

    I'm like you Mandy, and want to know the specifics of the ranch...especially the workouts. I find that when I do work out, I know I'm not pushing myself like I should, but I don't really how hard is too hard or what I should be doing. I also find myself wishing a could afford real trainer sessions so someone could kick my butt like Bob or Jillian!