Thursday, December 15, 2011

D@#n You Holiday Cookies!

Well, God must be granting me some grace this week. I really have had some steps in the right direction... but last night I had to bake 7 dozen batches of cookies for a holiday cookie swap tonight. Then I started thinking, why?
Why am I subjecting myself and family to all of the delicious sugar that we call a Christmas cookie? I made them. I tasted a few, but overall... I've done much worse. And tonight I am going to bring 72 beautiful, delicious bits of love into the house. Then what?
Laying in bed last night (my head didn't hit the pillow until 2 am) I was thinking, "I just won't weigh in the morning." I've decided that I need to give myself a little breathing room for mistakes... but my obsessive personality got the best of me, and I still lost a bit more weight yesterday, even after a couple cookies. (This is not permission to eat 72 more!)
Now, I just need a plan for all of those cookies...
PS... Treadmill is being put together as we speak!!!!! With a late night tonight, and a busy day tomorrow, I am so excited to see how this goes. I am ready to put the plan into action.


  1. I am doing a cookie swap this weekend too. So dumb. I am doing it to be social, and then I will be giving all the cookies to the teachers first thing Monday morning.

  2. Yeaaa, you're back on your blog! Sure have missed it, and look forward to some tips. And yes, the holiday cookies are such bologna. I didn't attend a swap this year, but Ethan BEGGED for some gingerbread cookies...he ate one so that left about 198 more, guess who ate them????? Grrrr.

  3. I'm making Alex take all the cookies to work. They sure did look good though. I've never been so happy to be gluten intolerant in my life or might have eaten all of them :) Can't wait to hear your treadmill updates!