Wednesday, December 14, 2011

How is Today Going to be Different?

It's been a good week. I don't want to raise my hopes too much, but this time it does feel different. Maybe I was ready. Maybe I hit rock bottom. Maybe having a support system helps...I know that for sure.
So after my blog rant Sunday afternoon, I thought a lot about changes. Besides myself, what was keeping me from meeting my goal.
I identified 2 things that I needed to change:
1. They always so to go into your day with a plan, and I realized that I had no food plan each day. I was waking up hungry, trying to get kids ready for school, etc, etc, and I just grabbed anything. Same story second verse at lunch. By dinner I had blown my meal non-plan out the window, that dinner and snacks didn't even matter. So here is my plan: On Mondays, I am going to fix a really LARGE healthy meal. (This week I made a chicken, black bean, tomato stuffing of sorts that I have been putting on a whole grain tortilla.) I take the LARGE meal, eat it once for dinner, and then I have leftovers for lunch the rest of the week. Then, when in a pinch, I have something to fall back on.
2. The gym has become a problem. The first time I lost weight, I was just there... all.the.time. I am having a hard time with that in my head. So look what Santa brought me:

It's AWESOME!!!!! It is being delivered on Friday morning, and I really hope on cold nights, or early mornings I can grab a few minutes on it. I still plan more time in the gym. Now I just don't have to spend all my time in the gym!
So there is a quick update. Thanks for your kind words. I didn't realize it, but I have missed this.


  1. Christmas is hard. I am still a food addict. I have been subconsciously eating smaller meals so that I can justify eating more junk food. I realized yesterday I was feeling like shit physically. I also have a big treadmill in my basement. It does not hold laundry. I use it. I will keep reading.

  2. What a couple of great, honest posts! I have that same problem with the "non meal plan". I always feel like I am too busy too even think about it - but having a plan would really help. Each day is a new day and you are proving that! Good luck with the treadmill!