Monday, December 19, 2011


Not a ton to say...
The treadmill is great. I think I am going to log my miles this year for the fun of it. (I am sure I will forget, but it sounds fun in theory!)
The eating went really well last week. I am still so frustrated that I can eat well for 6 days, take one day off, and gain all of the weight back... is that humanly possible? I get so frustrated, and go into an instant funk. I have got to stop weighing for awhile I think. That is all there is to it.
Such a boring post, but trying to stay accountable!


  1. I hear ya! How is it possible to gain 4lbs overnight? Seriously! I asked Alex to hide the scale from me for a week :)

  2. Hug. And I am way jealous of the new treadmill. I am dreading fighting for machines at the Y with the "resolution crowd" in a couple weeks.