Monday, January 24, 2011

And Then She Snapped

I've been really struggling with my weight over the past couple of months as most of you know... if you can't tell by my posts, then surely my waist has made it clear. A case of the blahs, the holidays, and just being sick and tired of needing to lose a little more weight can do that to you.

I knew I had made a transformation in my life because each time I would notice myself regressing, I would claw at it just enough to not become the old me. I had been fighting this battle since my dad became ill...

... Then two weeks ago, I snapped. It happened right before our mini-vacay to KC. I can't say I did fabulous on the trip, but 2 hours at the hotel gym, and pushing plates away prematurely surely helped.

When we got home last Monday night a spark was ignited like old times. I woke up Tuesday ready to go, AND SICK AS A DOG.

I ate really well Tuesday, and lost 3 pounds (mostly water weight). I couldn't workout, yep, that sick, so I ate well again Wednesday. Three more pounds gone. This continued throughout the weekend (I was actually able to workout again after my knight and shining armor called my doctor behind my back and got me antibiotics) and I continued to lose weight.

The weekend included Pina Coladas, birthday cake, chips and salsa, movie popcorn, etc. It also included salads, egg whites, veggies... The difference, a new frame of mind. I don't need it ALL. I will have the opportunity to eat this again.

So, I lost 8 pounds this week, and I am REALLY happy with that.

Here's the lesson I hope to share through all of this: When you are working on ANYTHING that is difficult, and you have a success... celebrate it (in a healthy way), and then work to have another small success. Last week each time the scale dropped a bit,(or didn't go up), I congratulated myself, did a happy dance, and worked to do it again the next day.

Baby steps.


  1. Yeaaaa for you!! It's so much easier to get motivated to do things when you get a little push. Oh, and you made a good point about "I will have the opportunity to eat this again" comment. I'm a sucker for sweets and have been known to polish off an entire pan of brownies in a matter of days (shhh, don't tell anyone) but if I tell myself that these aren't the very last brownies I'll ever lay my hands on, then it's easier to choose NOT to shove the last 3 in my mouth. :)

    Glad you're feeling better!

  2. LOVE the "I will have the opportunity to eat this again" comment. I will be using that tomorrow and probably forever. Great reasoning.