Saturday, January 1, 2011

And A Happy New Year

I love the new year. For me, it brings this renewed sense of spirit. A sense that I can change, be better, be different. The truth is, that is not far fetched. I have experienced the change and the difference, so I know it can be true.

HOWEVER, I DO NOT LIKE NEW YEARS RESOLUTIONS. They feel like a diet to me. You make one, keep it a few days, fail, it's over.

I feel like I have enough going on in my life to not add new stress to it. The holidays brought chaos to our home which made it's crescendo on Christmas Eve with my husband throwing up for hours while I pulled an all-nighter to spend Christmas morning exhausted on the couch. Blah.

My go go go lifestyle causes my children, my finances, and my waistline to suffer. I will not create added stress for myself. I should cap all of this by saying that I love the holidays. I love my life, what I do, etc. I just run it into the ground.

So I just want to get back to the basics this year. To make things more simple. I will take time for the lifestyle change I created 2 years ago. I will take time to make lunch and dinner for my family instead of driving through. I will take time to workout and not feel guilty. I will cut out the excessive and enjoy 2011.

There you have it. No major changes here. If you are looking to lose weight or get healthy this year, I think you have found the right place. I plan to continue to post new recipes, tips, and tricks to help you along the way. Is there anything you would especially like to discuss in the new year?

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