Monday, April 12, 2010

Pounding the Pavement

That's what my feet do when I run outdoors. In times past, it was drudgery. A necessity to move forward. To try something new. Last summer I did a 2, a 5, and a 4 mile run (in that order), before losing my big toe nail, and deciding I had done enough damage to my knee for the time being, but that's not how I feel right now...

Right now, I LIKE running (love is a strong word, people) It finally happened on my run the other day- the like part that is. I was in about the 2 mile mark of my 3.5 mile run when like clicked on. Just like a light. Here's how it happened.

Like I said, I was about at the 2 mile mark, when I hit a small downhill stretch. I had this song playing (Thanks to Lacy- I recommend you add it to your workout playlist. It will inspire you to do great things.) when suddenly the air, which was a perfect temperature that day blew a light breeze, and all I could smell were spring flowers. It was perfect. And at that moment, I began liking running. I really felt like this was all God's creation working together... I know that probably sounds cheesy to you, but it was amazing.

So for now, I am training to run the 10K on May 8th. And I like running.


  1. I love running. I ran the Augusta Lake this morning. It is four miles. Dirt path. On the water. Cold and windy and stinks like fish. And I love it. LOVE. I don't love the indoor track. I don't love running-related injuries like I have suffered in the past. I don't love the dogs in my neighborhood. Life doesn't always work out for me to be on my own outside on a Monday morning. But when it does, I am, and it is my religion. So I get it.

  2. That is pretty cool, Mandy!! Would you have believed it if you told yourself a few years ago that you would actually "like" running?! :) Oh, and congrats on the upcoming 10K!

  3. Yeah Sherry, isn't our progression through life funny. Me-run-like it? Never! Or so I thought. :)