Thursday, April 1, 2010

How will you survive?

No, it's not that dramatic, but sometimes it feels that way... what am I talking about? Holiday eating! Holidays NEVER last one day anymore. With holiday eating comes holiday weight gain. It's lovely, yummy, beautiful, gut wrenching, overindulgent and frustrating all at the same time

Easter kicked off at our house today with an egg hunt and brunch. Now, since I was hosting, I had some control over what was offered, making good choices a little more simple. I served cheese and crackers, strawberries, grapes, cut up veggies with 2 kinds of dip, and some sweet breads. I wouldn't punish my guests, so I just knew what I had to stick to, and made sure healthy options were available. But this is not the end my friends. It's just the beginning...

Friday night we will be eating pre-race dinner at Doc Greens, so I'm not worried, but Saturday, after the race, they are having an awards ceremony and BBQ! Saturday night is Easter dinner with friends, and Sunday Easter Brunch will also come and go... what's a girl to do? It's so frustrating to put on 5 lbs over a holiday weekend just because the foods are so much heavier than my day to day routine.

Don't get me wrong. I don't want my life to ever become so regimented that I can't enjoy things like holidays, I just don't want to have such a major setback each time- and it seems like there is 1 holiday per month that constitutes this type of eating behavior.

So what do you do? Do you have any tips, tricks, survival plans? I could really use some advice if you have it to give! In the meantime, Happy Easter kickoff, let spring begin!!!!!


  1. I usually work out really hard the morning of a good food holiday so that I can eat whatever I want guilt-free! I was at the Y at 7a.m. this past Thanksgiving, ran five miles, and then got on with the cooking. I have not checked the Y hours for Easter yet, but I would really like to get a long run in that morning (and doing that outside would be fine) and then just indulge.

  2. The Y won't be open at all on Sunday. I always put a workout in, but I still seem to gain. Granted some of it is water weight, a pound or two still have to come off at the end of the holiday.

  3. I will probably do the easter baskets, egg hunt, and breakfast with the kids, and then go for a long run in my neighborhood before the real food happens then. But...we don't really know yet if my husband is going to work. I seriously doubt he will, but if he does, exercise is pretty much out the window and I will have to hit it hard Monday. I also prefer to go light on the meal, and enjoy the finger foods and desert.