Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Biggest Loser Lessons

Ok, hands down my favorite show right now. No matter how late I get home on a Tuesday night, I cannot sleep until I watched it, and last night was no exception. I did not get to start it until 11:00, but I was enthralled. So, I'm not usually here to talk about the show, but I think there were some very important things addressed on the show last night, that we can all take to heart.

First, did you see O'Neal walk up the stairs without stopping during each step. VERY MOVING!, but not what I'm here to discuss. It's what he said about how losing weight is great, but it is the life changes (being stronger, being able to climb stair unassisted) we will take with us forever. (Please forgive me, I should have written the quote down.) It's so true. Some of us may lose the weight, some may put it back on, some may float back and forth forever, but what my journey, your journey is about is CHANGING YOUR LIFE FOR THE BETTER. To be able to run with your kids, walk up the stairs, ride a bike, live longer, happier, more productive lives. It doesn't matter what the scale says. The scale is just a number, not your life.

I think I have talked about this before, but one time a girl said to me (during my 9 MONTH PLATEAU), "If I didn't see the scale move for two weeks, I would quit." THAT'S NOT WHAT THIS IS ABOUT! If we don't see the scale move, then what, we give up, quit moving, get back on the couch, grab a bag of chips, and start the cycle over again?... or do you want to keep moving, live, and know that with living a better life, good things will come- including weight loss, even if it takes more time than you expect.

I know it's frustrating to feel like you are busting your ass every day to see no results, but how are you measuring your results? I used to last through 10 minutes of cardio. Now I can take 3 classes in one night. I didn't run. This weekend I will run a 2-mile race, then walk a 2-mile race with my family. Again, how are you measuring your results? Are you changing, and not taking the time to realize it? To be proud of it?

This brings me to my second favorite moment/lesson of the night, Sam being proud of his 2 pound weight loss.

Sam is a worker. He pushes, sweats, and does not slack off. Last night the scale did not show that. Now, for a guy that normally loses 7-10 lbs per week, he should have been crushed. He fell below the yellow line, but did he sulk? Nope. Sam talked about O'Neal's comments and how he knows he (Sam) is strong, and he is proud of himself no matter what. This may sound like some corny line that a person puts out when they aren't doing what they need to, to lose the weight, but it was a light-bulb moment for some of us last night.

No matter what the scale says, because of what I do each day by eating healthy and exercising, I am making my life better. I will live longer and be more productive because of it. If I did not lose another pound, I am stronger than ever. I can push harder, and go farther, I am proud of myself. You should be proud of yourself too.


  1. You wrote this just for me, I think. I haven't seen the scale move in three weeks, no matter what I do. I was starting to slack because of it, which I am sure isn't helping. I wish the show was on here sounds like a great motivator. Anyways... This is EXACTLY what I needed to hear today, I guess it is time to get moving!! I love you sis!

  2. Change your routine! If you do your cardio before you lift weights, do it after. Do it different. If you are a runner, give yourself a break and go for a walk that is twice as long as your run usually is. If you can get to a gym, us some different cardio equipment there. Change your weight lifing routine. Give yoga a rest. Everybody loves yoga, but it doesn't really burn any calories. Change what you are eating.

    I am trying to maintain a weight UNDER 145. It is hard because I LOVE FOOD. Once I have been doing the same routine and/or eating the same stuff for six or eight weeks, I will all of a sudden gain four pounds in a week. As soon as I switch things up, I can get the wight back off in a couple of weeks.