Friday, March 12, 2010

Just For Today!

So I was reading a website the other day, and Tara Costa (Biggest Loser, Season 7) mentioned that she does this to keep herself motivated.

So get your post it notes out and each day write "Just for today I will..." set a goal for yourself that you only keep for the day. Place the post it somewhere that you will see it often to remind you. I mean you can do anything for a day right? Here are some suggestions:
Just for today I will...
1. Log all of my foods
2. Work out for an extra 30 minutes
3. Try a group exercise class
4. Drink only water
5. Try a new fruit or vegetable
6. Keep my dinner to ____ calories (pick a number slightly lower than what you're used to)
7. Weigh my foods
8. Not make any excuses
9. Lift weights (or put in extra reps)
10. Not snack after dinner

This list is endless. These are only ideas. Think of some. Write one post it note a day for the next week. Let me know what you think! I think it will be fun.

So here is my first post it: " Just for today I will not eat carrot cake at Doc Green's for dinner!" (I stinkin' love that cake, and Cole always wants to share a piece with me, not tonight.)

On another note:

I am getting ready to run in the Fight For Air Climb in the morning. I am so excited, ready to go, and just starting to get butterflies! Pray for me to sleep tonight. My adrenaline always seems to start building up about now, and I NEVER sleep well before a race. I have trained really hard for this, and want to do well.

I really don't know what to expect time-wise as there is no duplicating (at least not accurately) what I will do tomorrow, but I am hoping to finish in less than 17:30. That would have me running 9 minute miles with stairs included. My start time is 8:49:40, so that would put me done by 9:07:10 (if my math skills are correct). It's a goal. I may be way off. Whatever I do tomorrow I will be proud of, but we always have to shoot for something right?

Our team will be having dinner together tonight before the race. I really have loved getting to know this group of men and women, and look forward to running with the Steppin' It Up! team in the morning. Wish us luck!


The no pop challenge I committed to is just 2 hours from being over, and I DID IT! I still miss pop. Wish it was a memory, but it's not. I will drink it much less in the future though. Final tally for the week was 4.6 lbs lost. That is double my usual loss, and the only true difference this week was pop. I may have even put in a little less gym this week as I am trying not to be as sore as usual for the race tomorrow. Good results for the effort!

Have a great weekend! I will try and post results from the race tomorrow!


  1. Good luck Mandy!!! You'll do great!!

  2. That is so exciting Mandy... Good Luck and I cant wait to hear about your results!! You are such an inspiration to me! Thanks for all the postive feed back!!