Friday, March 5, 2010


So I was preparing this post about who or what is your weight loss saboteur? Like, is it the hubby who wants you to eat out a lot, or is it your mom who invites you over for unhealthy meals, is it your co-worker who brings their extra baked goods to the office to share, your boss made you work late again, etc, etc, etc.

Then I was at Turbo last night, going through the motions, joints aching, wishing I hadn't been talked into climbing 760 bleachers the evening before hand, when I realized, that (now this part is really important) I was going through the motions.

I had decided I was tired, and because I was tired, I was just going to do it and be done. OK, stay with me. This is when the next realization came. I control my body and my mind. I don't have to go through the motions that I expect from myself or that other people expect.

So I finished Turbo strong, and then did my 2 fastest miles ever on the track! Your body is stronger than your mind. I promise.

This is the key to weight loss. Taking over your own mind and your own body, and taking control of your life. You see, the saboteurs are out there. They always will be, and it is not always their intention to hurt you. Most probably don't even realize they are doing it. That's why you have to make the choice to be better, push harder, go farther. When your hubby wants to go to dinner, go, make a good choice off the menu. Compromise to eat somewhere healthier if you're going to go out. If your mom makes an unhealthy meal, eat less this meal. You will eat again, you won't starve! Your co-worker brings birthday treats, just say no... or if you have the calories to do so, then say yes. Your boss made you work late, don't skip your workout, squeeze it in, even if it's shortened. You will be glad you did. You are in control of your body. For success to come, we have to stop finding a way to place the blame on others, and instead put the control in our court.

So what am I saying, there are no saboteurs other than ourselves.

This week lets go farther. I challenge you to post one thing in the comment section that you will do this week to stretch yourself.

I will NOT DRINK ANY POP for 1 week. (This is huge for me! I drink 3 cans of Diet pop per day.) What will you do? Name 1 thing!


  1. I was horrible about soda too way worse than you, I finished 3 by noon... I convinced myself that it was better because they were diet. I haven't bought sodas since the week before Christmas and decided I just drank it for the carbonation so I have been buying mineral water... not the greatest but hey it did the trick every once and awhile... but I heard a tip tonight and decided to try it, add a little vanilla and a little truvia (or Spenda) to the mineral water, I tried it and YUMMY!!! That and my yogi energy iced tea and I don't think I will even crave soda anymore. Thanks big sis for doing what you do, you help to keep me on track... when I slip up or start to forget to be healthy there is a link on facebook to not allow me to forget. So far I have lost 35lbs!! Oh BTW I will make dinner at home every night this week!! That is huge for me!

  2. I am so proud of you! Wish I could be closer so I could see your progress. Eating dinner at home will make such a big difference. Generally eating out will add a couple of pounds of water weight, not to mention the added calories. Thanks for committing to change a little this week. Love you!