Sunday, March 7, 2010

Have You Committed?

Did you commit to try and do/change 1 thing this week? How's it going? Let us know.

Here's my workout schedule for the week (if you are interested in joining me, I would love to have some buddies!)

Monday: Turbokick, 7:15- 8:15, and PiYo, 8:15- 8:45, Andover YMCA
Tuesday: I will be squeezing in a quick workout somewhere due to obligations!
Wednesday: Bleacher climb, 5:30- 6:30, WSU, Turbokick, 7:15- 8:15, Andover YMCA
Thursday: Turbokick, 5:30- 6:30, East YMCA, followed by some running
Friday: I will recoup for my race Saturday
Saturday: I will be racing in the Fight For Air Climb at the Intrust Bank Arena. (I will post more about this later.)

Let's get out there and change ourselves a little this week!

1 comment:

  1. Have you ever thought about cycling? It is one of my favorite workouts! I have found that the 45 minute classes are the best. And the instructor can totally make a difference (just ask and I can tell ya who to try at north, east, or Andover.) It is also a great way to switch things up a bit to keep your body "guessing." It is a great leg and booty workout! I only cycle once a week(maybe "double dip" and try Sherrie's cycle before turbo on Mondays.) I found last year that too much cycling made my legs and booty a little too toned:) You are totally in control of this workout. You make the adjustments necessary and push yourself as hard or as easy as you deem necessary. It is also a great time to totally focus on yourself! You can just go...