Friday, September 24, 2010

Baja Salad

Recently I have become addicted to Wendy's Baja Salad. So much so that I probably eat it twice or more a week. At some point in time, I decided I should save myself some money, and make it at home. So I purchased the items I needed, and Voila!

Now, I have 2 tricks for you when eating salads that you love.
1. If you are eating out, ask for an extra packet or side of the dressing that you love. DON'T PUT IT ON YOUR SALAD! Instead, take the extra packet with you, and next time you want that taste on your salad you will have a spare packet in your fridge.
2. Stock up on little things that make a salad special... guacamole, pecan pieces, tortilla strips, croutons, special dressings that you love. When it comes time to reach for something high cal, or some roughage, it's more likely you'll eat that roughage with something special on top. It's nice to just have some things to take the flavor up a notch.

So here's today's salad:
150 grams romaine lettuce, 37 calories
3 campari tomatoes, 40 calories
2 tbsp Wholly Guacamole, 60 calories
14 grams mild cheddar cheese, 55 calories
7 grams Fresh Gourmet Tortilla Strips, 35 calories
1 packet Wendy's Creamy Red Jalapeno dressing, 100 calories
1 small Wendy's Chili, 220 calories

Calories: 547- The salad direct from Wendy's is 740 calories, so by making it at home I saved nearly 200 calories... that's a small candy bar! I tried to research and see what the calorie differences were, and all I could see was that my tortilla strips were half the calories, I am also guessing that maybe I either had a lower cal guacamole, or less of it.
Fat: 27 grams- the dressing has A LOT of fat in it. I may delete this item in the future. Also, you have to remember avocado has fat, but it is a GOOD fat, so it's forgiven.
Carbs: 47 grams
Protein: 28 grams- The chili in this salad will keep you full for hours. Promise.

All in all, the salad received an A rating from Calorie Count, so I am happy to eat it.

I hope everyone has a great weekend. Only 16 days until the half marathon. I am preparing (mostly mentally) for a 10 mile run this weekend. Last night I got on the treadmill and ran through the entire episode of Grey's Anatomy, now that's multitasking.

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  1. Sounds yummy! I didn't even know Wendy's had this salad! I'll definitely try this!