Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Sneaky Reasons You are Binge Eating...

I've wanted to share this with you for some time now, but it seems to just keep getting put to the wayside.

A couple of weeks ago I read this article in the September issue of Shape magazine. I thought it was very interesting. I will sum it up first, then some thoughts...

Here are the 3 reasons you MAY be binge eating:
1. You wait too long to eat. Basically by letting your body get over-hungry, you end up putting ANYTHING in your mouth instead of taking the time to find something healthy.

Their strategy to avoid this: Make time for breakfast every morning, and commit to something every 2-3 hours after that. Mix good carbs with slow digesting protein to prevent highs and lows.

My response: I think breakfast is ABSOLUTELY the most important meal you can eat. Coming from a former non-breakfast-eater, I have come leaps and bounds. The one catch to breakfast is that you have to get it right, it was my downfall for so long, and the reason I discontinued use until my lifestyle change. You see, toast and OJ, cereal and milk, doughnuts and coffee, etc will leave you hungry and cranky within minutes, and you'll be reaching for anything. Be sure to add protein to your breakfast... turkey links, cheese, milk, peanut butter. The carbs will raise your sugar, while the proteins will keep you full.

2. You're too strict with your diet. Having foods that are completely off limits make you feel deprived.

Their strategy: Build splurges into your diet.

My response: I totally agree that built in splurges are a must, but why call it a splurge, once again it sounds so minimal. I mean if I'm going to splurge on something, I won't do it often, right? Instead, eat what you want. Within reason. The trick to getting this really right is portion control. For example, I shouldn't have to splurge to have a cookie, or to eat a slice of pizza with my family. Instead I should check serving sizes, don't eat more than that (eat less if you can!), build it into my day, and enjoy. I also recommend purchasing or making portion controlled packages. 100 calorie packs, mini candy bars, small bags of chips, find your weakness, and help control it.

3. You expect perfection. Beating yourself up over every misstep cause you to feel discouraged and depressed leaving you wanting more food.

Their strategy: Put things into perspective. Bites of this or handfuls of that won't totally derail success, but you have to see if there is a pattern to fix it.

My response: This seems to be my binge eating weakness. I daily beat myself up over the small things that I put in my mouth that were unnecessary. At bedtime I will think, "Well, this would have been a perfect day (eating wise) if only I hadn't ..." I am constantly reevaluating, and trying to discover my reasons for putting these needless calories in my mouth. My latest strategy is drinking a glass of water while I'm feeding the kiddos lunch. I am so hungry while I am feeding them that I just want to eat their food, but I am working to recognize that.

What do you think? Do you fall into any of these categories? Advice?

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  1. Oh good heavens yes! All 3! Especially though the mindless snacking - being home all the time means I'm in my kitchen all the time means I'm near that bag of chocolate chips all the time. I also come from the land of eating disorders where deprivation was key - which leads to binges. I LOVE sparkpeople.com (and babyfit since I've been pregnant) to track my eating and keep me on course.