Thursday, September 2, 2010

It's All Coming Together

So I have to face the reality that what happened to me, and our family this summer was hard and traumatic. Sometimes taking the time to realize that makes a lot of difference. I decided that I needed to offer myself a little grace. Stop being so hard on me.

Last weeks running went great. I had a 1 mile run, a 3 mile run, and a 6 mile run. Each one went well, no body snags (summer bugs are a different story...)

Monday night I had no desire to workout. I put in a half-hearted 30 minutes only to go home and go to bed.

Tuesday should have been better right? Wrong. I convinced Brian that instead of a workout, I needed ice cream, and bed early. Who would have ever guessed that was EXACTLY what I needed. We kicked off our running shoes, slipped on flip flops, and headed out for ice cream. Everyone enjoyed their creamy creations, then we headed home for bed... at 7:15. I was in bed by 7:45, and slept the night through to 7:30 the next morning... WHAT?!?!? I have not had 12 hours of sleep in years.

So yesterday I woke up a new person. With a new outlook. I can eat healthy. It does taste good. I can workout. My muscles do remember. This WILL come together in time. If I don't beat myself into the ground doing it.

Last night I took off to the Y. I needed to run 4 miles to stay on my training schedule. I took off, and felt great. I ended up running 7 miles which is my personal longest run so far. I was tired in the end, but felt such a great sense of accomplishment because of it.

So if I could teach you something about weight loss or healthy living from this post:
Give your body rest also. Work hard to get workouts in daily, but the best athletes listen to their bodies, and know when to say when.

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