Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Blahs...

So I seem to be suffering a case of the blahs. I don't want to downplay true depression, but I don't think that's it. I'm happy. Really. I just seem to keep trying, sabotaging myself, getting down on myself, determining I will try again, REPEAT. I'm working out, but not loving anything. Eating good, but not great for the most part, then eating something that blows all the hard work for the day.

I need something... a chart, a motivator, a prize, I don't know. I'm less than 30 pounds from my goal, and I WON'T QUIT NOW. There have been so many times in this journey that I have thought, " That's it, it's over, I'll be fat forever." I kind of feel that way now, but I know it's not true. What to do????

What's keeping me going for today:
1. The 1/2 marathon is only 26 days away, and out of the 6 girls who started training for it, I am one of two left!
2. I lost 1 pound yesterday.
3. The quote from my friend Sherri: "Don't let who you've been stop you from becoming who you want to be."... I think that should be my mantra for awhile.

Let me know if you have suggestions for getting over the blahs...


  1. This probably sounds silly, but I used to find that the right soundtrack could ramp up my motivation. If I couldn't seem to get my butt out of my chair (or my head out of the fridge) I'd put on something really upbeat and the next thing I knew I was off on a run (or at least doing some aerobic cleaning :p). So - maybe find some new music that gets you going? Other than that, you seem way more motivated than I ever manage to be so whatever you're doing, even if you're not really feeling it right now, seems to be working :) Good luck!

  2. I heard bananas help with postpartum depression... I think something about the potassium in them. I ate a banana a day after having each child and didn't get the "baby blues" I had heard about. Not sure if there's any truth in it, but it couldn't hurt! : )

  3. How about "True excellence doesn't require pefection" Everything you have done is AMAZINN and everything else is just sugar free icing on the cake! Good job saying no to the ice cream today! BTW... Get it togther, I don't want to have to chase you with the car the last few miles of the race!!LOVE YOU!

  4. Just completely change your workout and add some chocolate into your diet. I was reading the bag of candy bars at my office this morning, and three little snack size candy bars is usually around 150-190 calories. Shit, I would much rather have that than a cup of blueberries and a cheese stick. But I eat healthy ALL THE TIME. I am sick of it. I am also sick of the gym. I am running outside, or the other day I took a set of 15s outside and just decided my workout would be whatever I could do with 15lb dumbbells. I am sure you are running outside if you are marathon training. If that is what you are sick of, then take a week off and hit the arc trainer.